VLSI Lab / Digital Circuit Design (VHDL) Lab

Block No.4, Room No. 422, ECE Dept, MAIT



The VLSI Laboratory is well equipped with up to date industry standard VLSI EDA Tools and hardware resources like Cadence, Xilinix, Tanner EDA, Synopsis, Active HDL, FPGA, Altera EDA, ICAP. The Laboratory provides hands on experience to the student in the field of analog and digital circuit design. The laboratory is equipped for the students to explore and practice design exercises and it has tools for CMOS Design starting with Spice Circuit Simulation software leading to physical layout. Students gain knowledge using EDA tools to design, simulate and verify schematic and layout of logic gates and circuits. The lab also provides a way to design Digital Circuit using HDL. The outcome of the lab is that after practicing software and hardware designing of circuits, the students are confident to make projects in this area and to show their expertise in industries of chip design.