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The world is heading towards the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the introduction of Robotics & AI. Intelligent & Advanced robots are now being used everywhere to either assist humans or execute tasks that otherwise won’t be possible by humans due to some limitations. Open source technologies like Gazebo Robotics Simulator, and ROS (Robot Operating  System) have expanded the horizons of robotics and allowed students & researchers to dive into the depths of intelligent industrial/household robotics. These technologies provide access to state-of-the-art robotic algorithms & technologies allowing students to gain hands-on experience.
Techtronix society (formerly) reframed to A.T.O.M in November 2021 with new team members for felicitating environment for SIH, Projects in embedded and robotics.


As engineering students, we are highly interested & excited by these technologies. Robotics & AI intrigue us to become a part of this movement on the brink of innovation by exploring modern technologies like ROS.

Our Goals

  • Build real world robotics projects that we can actually put to use. For instance, Autonomous cleaning robots for our college environment. (We want people to see as many robots roaming in the college as students. That way people know the future is here!). These projects will be the society’s major projects that we will build as a whole. These projects will include everything, from CAD to Electronics to simulation to software engineering. We also want to engage in robotics R&D in the fields of biomimicry robots, space robotics etc. at later stages.
  • Build many minor projects that will help us get introduced to new technologies and techniques. For example: Design & Build an autonomous transportation robot or an awesome-looking LED sign for our lab in order to learn about CAD, 3D printing, Embedded Systems/IOT etc. These projects help society showcase our skills and learn a ton about new stuff.
  • Participate in as many competitions, hackathons  and community events from all around the globe as possible. This will help us build our skills and expand our reach. 
  • Build a great portfolio & social media presence. This will help us in acquiring industrial collaboration from companies like KUKA robotics etc. This not only helps us in collecting funds , but also provides a great industrial exposure.
  • Build a Lab, a Community, a Culture of making and innovating which should inspire students to come to college to stay & make things. 

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Mr. Vaibhav Nijhawan

Assistant Prof.(ECE)

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