Minor and Major Project is completed by final year students as a prerequisite course towards the fulfilment of their Bachelor of Technology. As per the GGSIP University curriculum, the ECE students undergo the minor project course in their 7th semester and Major project is accomplished by them in their 8th semester. On successful completion of minor project and major project, students earn three and eight credits, respectively. This is a vital part of their academic curriculum.

This course enables them to explore their area of interest and implement their theoretical knowledge into practical models. They are motivated to think out of the box and design innovative and novel prototypes. The objective is to encourage them to work as true engineers and help community in solving real world problems.

In the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, simulation tools like SILVACO, TANNER, VIVADO, HEP-1-Mentor, HFSS are available for designing and testing their proposed models. PCB design lab enables to fabricate and realize the models on-chip and thereafter, develop hardware models. The department provide research platform to the students and encouraged them to publish their work in reputed journals and conferences. Association of experienced faculties ensure their active participation in thinking innovative ideas, writing research articles and presenting paper in international conferences.

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