Semiconductor Materials, Devices, Design and Applications, 6-Days AICTE sponsored Faculty Development Program was conducted from 18th to 23rd December 2023 in which,  around 54 participants from different parts of the country participated. The speakers for the 6-day FDP on “Semiconductor Materials, Devices, Design and Applications” were:

The Inauguration of the ATAL-AICTE sponsored 6-Day FDP on “Semiconductor Materials, Devices, Design and Applications” took place on December 18, 2023, at 10:00 AM, marking the commencement of a significant event. Dr. Subodh Jindal graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, adding prestige to the program. The function, under the guidance of Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, the Founder and Chief Advisor of MATES, saw the luminous presence of distinguished individuals. Mr. S. P. Agarwal, the Executive Chairman of MATES, and Shri Vineet Kumar Lohia, Chairman of MATES, along with key figures such as Prof. Neelam Sharma (Director, MAIT), Prof. S. S. Deswal (Dean Academics, MAIT), Prof. Sachin Gupta (Dean Research and Innovation, MAIT), and all Heads of Departments (HODs) were instrumental in making the event a success. Additionally, the participants who played a pivotal role in making this FDP a grand success were present in substantial numbers. Statistically, there were 54 participants, including 19 internal participants from the host institute and the remaining participants from various parts of the country. The coordination of the function was skillfully managed by Prof. Sunil Kumar, with co-coordination provided by Dr. Anubha Goel. Dr. Anubha Goel, Ms. Shalu, and Ms. Neeraj handled the stage, while the screen was efficiently organized and managed by Mr. Parveen Saini. The lamp lighting ceremony, a symbol of auspicious beginnings, was organized by Dr. Rajni and Dr. Anamika Jain. The meticulous organization extended to the registration desk, where Ms. Swati Sharma and Ms. Preeti Goyal managed the registration process and distributed registration kits to all participants. The function commenced with the national anthem, celebrating the pride of the country. The lamp lighting ceremony featured distinguished speakers, including Dr. Umakant Goyal and Dr. Ashish Jindal from SSPL, DRDO. Prof. Sunil Kumar, as the coordinator of the FDP, delivered the welcome address, setting the tone for the event. The Chief Guest, Dr. Subodh Jindal, shared valuable insights on the significance of VLSI and job opportunities, motivating and praising the staff and participants. Prof. Neelam Sharma contributed to the vibrancy of the event with her motivational thoughts. The vote of thanks, expressing gratitude for the collective effort, was delivered by Co-Coordinator FDP, Dr. Anubha Goel. Following this, the participants enjoyed a tea break. All the guests of honor and the speakers had been presented with a sapling as a mark of gratitude. Also, at the end of the speakers talk, they were presented with a memento as a token of gratitude.

The knowledge-sharing sessions commenced with Dr. Umakant Goyal delivering a prestigious talk on the Basics of RF and Microwave, focusing on the design perspective and elaborating on the design steps involved. It was then followed by a well-deserved lunch, fostering networking and further exchange of ideas among the participants. Later in the afternoon, Dr. Ashish Jindal followed with a session on Power Amplifier and MMIC Design for Radar Applications. After each session, participants were engaged with a questionnaire Google form to enhance interactive participation. The event not only provided valuable insights but also created a platform for collaboration and knowledge dissemination in the field of VLSI.