Microwave Engineering Lab

Block No.4, Room No. 416, ECE Dept, MAIT



The main objective of Microwave Engineering Laboratory is to familiarize the student with the practical application of microwave, antenna and propagation, to demonstrate the electromagnetic propagation using microwave sources, to provide the state-of-art software for the design and development of various microwave circuits and antennas and also to enable the students to meet the engineering requirements in this field. Microwave Test bench are used for study of Microwave Characteristics. The Test Bench is operated on X-band. The Microwave Test Bench Comprises of High Power source, diode detector, Frequency meter, Attenuators, Slotted Line Section, Directional Couplers, Isolators, Tee, Matched Load, VSWR meter, Klystron and various microwave components. Some experiments are performed using Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) Kit. Various 3D EM Simulation Software can be used from Virtual Labs.