Electronic Devices Lab

Block No.4, Room No. 426, ECE Dept, MAIT



The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of electronic circuits and devices. The course presents a basic introduction to physical models of the operation of semiconductor devices and examines the design and operation of important circuits that utilize these devices.

The Electronic Devices Lab has the objective to familiarize the student with the operation of basic laboratory instruments including Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), multimeter, function generator. In this lab, the external characteristics of the devices are obtained from the circuit. This characterization allows us to exploit the device as a circuit element and to determine its behavior. Another goal is to re-enforce theoretical knowledge with practice and vice-versa and also to learn correct laboratory procedures and techniques. This is accomplished by building, testing, and taking measurements on simple circuits.

Upon completion of this course, students are able to use standard laboratory equipment to analyze the behavior of basic electronic devices and to design and construct simple circuits containing these devices.