Workshop Conducted By E-Yantra


Ms. Vatsala Khanna Arya (Assistant Professor, ECE), Ms. Rajni (Assistant Professor, ECE), Mr. Yogesh Sharma (Assistant Professor, CSE) and Mr. Anupam Kumar (Assistant Professor, CSE) attended a two day workshop at IIT-Mumbai from 20th -21st July 2018, conducted by e-Yantra under the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) program.

e-Yantra is a project hosted by IIT Mumbai to impart education in Embedded systems and Robotics and is sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Mission on Education through ICT(NMEICT).

The eLSI Program is a two phased program having

(i) A two-day workshop

(ii) A task based training

The two day workshop was an introductory workshop on robotics and embedded systems involving hands-on training using the Firebird V Robot. The workshop was based on the basic concepts of embedded systems and microcontroller and programming of AVR microcontroller.

The program was divided into different modules and each comprised of an interactive session followed by the team applying the concept to program the Firebird V Robot. Through the various sessions the participants were introduced to the basic concepts of ATMEGA 2560 based Firebird V, programming of ATMEGA 2560 and various other interfacing IC’s.

On successful completion of the first phase the team members were awarded certificates and given one robotic kit which will be used further in the second phase of task based training.

The team also completed the TBT program in record time of 2 weeks against the standard 12 week time period allocated for completion of the TBT program. The effort was appreciated by the e-yantra group and the achievement was posted on their web portal.