Machine Learning Workshop

A Machine Learning Workshop was conducted on 6th September 2019 by ECE department under the aegis of IPML (Image Processing & Machine Learning) club. Google certified trainer Vikas Mittal an alumnus of DCE who has worked with American Express and other reputed companies and has the abundance experience of corporate sector training in the field of Artificial Intelligence was the main speaker in this workshop. Around seventy students participated in this workshop. Majority of the students were from ECE but a sizeable number of students from EEE, CSE and IT students also attended this workshop. This workshop turned out to be very vibrant, interactive and fruitful where fundamentals of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and their usefulness in the practical problems were discussed. Speakers also talked about the abundant job opportunities available in the AI field. After the session of the speakers the participating students were divided into five teams and were told to prepare data acquisition plans of five real world problems. After a lot of brain storming amongst teams one member of each team presented their solution. The enthusiasm shown by the students indicates that we should go ahead with more of such events in future in this field.