Live Webinar by HRD Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on May 05, 2020

A live webinar was conducted by Honourable Human Resource Development Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on Tuesday, May 05, 2020, 12:00 - 1:00 pm at Twitter and Facebook live platforms. He is also the Education Minister of India. Dr. Pokhriyal addressed the several exams and education related queries of the students across the globe. Several parents and teachers across the country joined the webinar.

The HRD minister thanked the whole countrymen for keeping themselves safe against COVID-19 under lockdown on the request of hon’ble prime minister Sh. Narender Modi ji. The health and cleanliness related workers were welcomed for they fought like warriors as a unit at the time global calamity. Sooner or later, the present crisis will be over and then the nation will progress on the path of growth. Dr. R.P.Nishank requested the parents not to get stressed / tensed and assured them about the online availability of the study material.

Some of the excerpts/ highlights from the webinar of Dr. Pokhriyal are:

On Education loss during lockdown:
It was informed by the HRD and Education minister that through CBSE it has been decided that students of 1-8 classes will be promoted to next classes without any exams or internal assessment. Students of 9-11 classes will be promoted on the basis of internal assessment. For the 12th class, the left over papers will be taken. As and when the situation improves, the exams will be held followed by their checking. The checking for already held papers will start soon.
For class XII board exams, 83 papers are left, out of hich 29 are main papers for which the exams will be conducted by CBSE. The rest 54 subjects are optional, for which internal assessment and evaluation will be done. The final decision will be taken by CBSE board and will be informed as soon as possible.

On How to prepare for entrance exams when coaching centres are closed and no study material is available:
Dr. Nishank emphasised that on several educational self e-learning online portals, enough study material is available in many Indian languages. Around 80000 similar questions are available which were asked in previous entrance exams. Besides several teachers and instructors have put/uploaded their own educational study material on youtube like chammels. On e-pathshala around 6000+ videos, 1500+ audios. 8000+ e-books, 2500+ picture books, 14000+ files/documents are available online in many languages. Students were advised to make efficient use of these study materials.

On when will the colleges be opened and studies will resume:
The HRD minister informed that the exams process will start after 1st July 2020, when the final exams will be conducted. In july special arrangements for semester system will be made whereby students will be promoted to the next semester on the basis of 50% internal assessment and average basis marking. The new session begins from 1st August onwards. The UGC COVID-19 task force has been formed for every university to take care and rectify the specific students related problems.
In colleges 50-60% syllabus is already done. The remaining one is being taught now a days. If internet is not available, 32 TV channels are available 24 hours for self-study and e-learning.

On network non-availability problem especially in rural areas during lockdown and closed coaching centres:
The honourable minister explained that shops are now opened, and course materials are available on school education portals, swayam & swayam prabha portals. For rural area network problem Dr. Nishank told that syllabus and course material is abundantly available on Doordarchan, Dish TV, Tata sky, Airtel TV. So, TV is the right mode for studies and e-learning when internet is not available.
The coaching centres were closed as otherwise the situation would have worsened. Many students have not gone to coaching centres and they study at home. So, students were advised by Dr. Pokhriyal, not to depend on these centres.

On Parents stressing on reading a subject repeatedly whose paper has not been held:
Dr. Pokhriyal requested the parents not to stress the students for studying a subject again and again. 3-4 times revesion is good enough for a subject. The emphasis should be more on studying other subjects and course materials. Their mental strength should be increased, and studies should be made more enjoyable. He told that the current year syllabus has already been reduced/curtailed.

On Fees hike by some schools during lockdown:
It was informed by the education minister that the GOI has instructed all schools and colleges that fees will not be increased.
On being asked by a XII class UAE based student about difficulty in completing CBSE syllabus due to complete lockdown till September 2020:
The HRD minister explained that CBSE board has presence in about 25 countries, where the syllabus is being taught regularly by the teachers and the remaining one will also be covered. However, the situation is different in different countries including UAE. All the possible online help will be provided.

On non-availability of NCERT books:
Dr. Nishank assured the availability of the books everywhere. The Home Ministry has instructed all book shops to be opened. The distributors in all districts will be advised accordingly. Besides the NCERT books are available on websites also.

On future of education after lockdown:
Special guidelines will be made for schools, engineering institutions, management and technical educational institutes, competitive examinations etc. Materials are available on the portals. The year of the students will not be wasted in any case. Around 2000 course material is available on swayam portal. Besides huge study material is also available on National Digital Library (NDL).

On dates of various competitive exams:
The education minister stated that the JEE exams will be held from 19th July 2020 to 23rd July 2020. JEE Advanced will be held in August 2020 and the dates will be informed later. Around 16-17 lakh applications were received for NEET exams, which is scheduled to be held on on 20th July 2020. The dates for other competitive exams will be intimated after June 2020. In May 2020, no exam will be held.

Finally Dr. R.P.Nishank emphasised everyone to fight fiercely with the current COVID-19 crisis situation to come out healthy and safely. He reiterated on the use of Arogaya Setu App for guidance. The parents and students were advised by him to work hard properly and use the available time wisely. He ended with the congratulations and blessings.
Near about 21800 persons across the globe including 50 faculty members and around 300 students from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sec-22, Rohini, Delhi-110086 were immensely benefited from today’s Twitter and Facebook live platform. Their queries regarding conduct of exams, course material availability and promotion to next class/semester were brilliantly answered and handled satisfactorily by the Education Minister of India.