Webinar on Artificial Intelligence

(for internship & placement opportunities)



This webinar relates to the Artificial Intelligence & Its Applications that took place on May 1, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. The information gathered from the various courses that the Machit company offers is covered in this webinar. Additionally, they were providing internship possibilities to those who would perform extraordinarily well.



The introduction of their company, as well as the work they undertake to assist students in realizing their ambitions, comes first in the course of the discussion. Many students start interacting with them after the introduction about the many components of what they do and the prospects they can acquire learning from them. Many future-oriented courses, such as those on artificial intelligence, were available to students who wanted to broaden and improve their knowledge of the field.

Later, Mr. Naveen, one of the experts, began discussing the uses of artificial intelligence with us. How it will influence our future and how it might help people succeed more in life.

In conclusion, the event was exciting as 73 ECE department students engaged in conversation with company executives and learned about artificial intelligence. It was one of the bigger gatherings coordinated by Dr. Nitin Sharma that benefits students as well.



The Department of ECE whole heartedly thanks Dr. Nand Kishore Garg, Founder Chairman and Chief Advisor, MATES; Shri Mohan Garg Ji, General Secretary, MATES; for their complete support behind organizing this workshop. The program was conducted under the guidance & approval of Prof. Neelam Sharma, Director MAIT; Prof. S.S. Deswal, Dean Academics; Sh. J. R. Mani Tripathi, CFO, MATES and Dr. Sunil Kumar Mathur, HoD ECE, MAIT.