On 14th April, 2023, Department of ECE, MAIT organized an industrial visit to UTL Solar, Greater Noida.


• The visit helped us to understand the importance of renewable energy sources and their potential in addressing the growing energy needs of the world. We learned about the various types of solar panels and their applications in different sectors such as residential, commercial, and industrial. We were also impressed by the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

• The visit provided us with an insight into the manufacturing process of solar panels. We witnessed the different stages of production, from the preparation of raw materials to the assembly and quality control procedures.

• The visit inspired us to explore career opportunities in the renewable energy sector. We were able to interact with the company's representatives and understand the different job roles and skill requirements in the field of renewable energy. We realized the potential for innovation and growth in the sector and the significant impact it can have on our planet's future.

• The visit has reinforced our understanding of the need for sustainable practices in all industries. We saw firsthand the various methods used by the company to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment. We learned that every individual and organization have a role to play in ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.


We, a group of 56 Students of B.Tech. (4th and 6th Semester, B Tech ECE) under the guidance and mentorship of Director Prof. Neelem Sharma, Dr Sunil Mathur HOD ECE, Dr. Sumanta Kumar Kundu, Dr Javed Ahmed got an opportunity to visit UTL Solar, Greater Noida; a renowned name in the field of renewable energy/power electronics, on 14th April, 2023. Today, UTL Solar stand as a recognized name offering outstanding R & D and high-quality products.


The tour started from MAIT at 10:00 am on 14th April morning and reached Gretaer Noida in the afternoon around 1:00 pm. The staff of UTL Solar welcomed all of us and briefed the introduction about their organization.



UTL Solar deals a widespread range of products comprising Online UPS, Offline UPS, Inverters, Battery Chargers, SMU (Solar Management Unit), Solar Charge Controllers, Batteries; While performing remarkably in the past years, UTL has had the prospects to serve several India’s prominent companies and agencies. Specifically, Air India, Indian Army, Indian Railways, State Bank of Saurashtra, Delhi University, AIIMS and others. The Engineers of the company supervised various sessions to explain the intricate activities undertaken by UTL Solar in the field of Solar technology.

The engineers of UTL Solar guided the students patiently resolving their queries and detailed the process of PV array manufacturing, PCB, Battery & inverter manufacturing. Starting from production of Polysilicon, to turn polysilicon into wafers then Silicon wafers are fabricated into photovoltaic cells and finally module assembly. Curious questions from students, such as (a) need of cleaning of PV panels (b) can solar PV modules be installed on the roof of vehicles such as e-rickshaw (c) which machines are playing an important role in each process and (d) how are they being updated to the latest technologies etc. and many more. All the Concerned Engineers explained above doubts with their great ideas.



Difficulties involved in the development were handled at each point so that new thoughts can come up to grab them. Students curated a table of ideas to feel beyond a certain limit and write down their concepts. Engineers showed the physical models of various device and circuits which are used in various PV modules, batteries, inverters etc.



Importance of Solar energy (renewable energy) in today’s world was emphasized in each discussion session as below [2].


India is becoming the hub of this technological development for the world with a futuristicapproach of present learning's.

We returned to the college after their successful visit on 14th April at 7 pm.


"Let us strive towards creating a brighter and cleaner future by harnessing the power of renewable energy and implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives."



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