Online Webinar on Pursuit of Eminence After B.Tech 2022 

The Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology conducted an international webinar “Pursuit of Eminence After B.Tech” for Electronics and Communication Engineering students of 4th semester and 8th semester on 10th March 2022. This webinar was a huge success as a large number of students 179 in total got themselves registered for this webinar. Three speakers of the day gave their talks about the three possible career directions after the B.Tech. The three career directions about which speakers talked were higher studies at abroad, govt. and public sector jobs and entrepreneurship. They familiarized the students about the nitty-gritties of these three career paths in detail. All three sessions from the speakers were very interactive. Students raised their queries which were duly answered by the speakers.

First speaker of the day Mr. Vaibhav Mathur talked about doing post graduate studies from abroad after the completion of B.Tech. He motivated the students to go for higher studies which could be beneficial for their carrier growth. He explained about the GRE and TOFEL/LELTS preparation. He explained how to choose a good university as per one’s area of interest and financial condition. He stressed upon the importance of getting the letter of recommendation (LOR) from professors, who have thought the students in their respect branches. He also described about the how to write a statement of purpose. In the question answer session he advised the aspiring student to start early with visa process. With his own experience he elucidated about the housing travel and expense planning.

The second speaker Mr. Shishir Persai talked about second possible carrier direction after B.Tech which is getting placed in government sector and PSUs. He mentioned about the advantages of working in this ‘secured’ category of jobs. He told students about the IAS, DRDO, IES and other UPSC services. He talked about the way one should prepare for these services. He stressed upon the importance of the consistency and determination while preparing for these most coveted government sector jobs.

Third speaker of the day Mr Sangam kumar’s session was dedicated to the third carrier direction after B.Tech i.e entrepreneurship .Speaker himself started from the scratch in his carrier and went on to become a successful and entrepreneur serving many big clients in India and abroad.  He guided the students how they can discover their passion and chose the right carrier option according to their temperament. He exhorted the student’s about skill development along with the regular curriculum. He informed the students about most in demand skills like Blockchain, AI &  ML and 3D content creation .He also guided the students about the free tools and recourses available on internet like freecodecamp etc. Additionally he stressed upon the importance of soft skills like dealing with the clients and growing one’s network. He advised the students to keep reading and keep learning and expanding their sources of income along with trading on the path of entrepreneurship.

In the end one could say it was a very received webinar .students founded very enriching and useful. As per their feedback it was a vital value addition to their day to day studies. Students going for almost all carrier directions after B.Tech got benefited from this webinar.


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