Analog Electronics Lab

Block No.4, Room No. 427, ECE Dept, MAIT



This is the next level of laboratory (after EDC) in which the students are introduced with Electronics & Communication Engineering for the first time and are trained with preliminary knowledge of electronics. This laboratory becomes crucial for beginners to learn the theoretical concept and hands-on training for understanding of basic electronics. The objective of this laboratory is to link the theoretical concepts of different analog electronic circuits and their different practical implementation feasibility and thereby giving them a scope to learn basic electronic circuits and their different electrical characteristics in a better way. The laboratory introduces students to practical, circuit design and contributes significantly to provide them with engineering skills. The experiments covered in this laboratory are synchronized with its theoretical part, so that students are able to understand the practical aspects. The experiments done in this lab are based on basic analog devices like normal diode, zener diode, BJT’s, FET’s, OTA, OPAMP and their application circuits.