Mini Colloquia on "Insights of Emerging Nanoscale Research Devices"

A  Mini Colloquia was jointly organized by IEEE EDS-Delhi Chapter and Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (IP University, New Delhi), Rohini, New Delhi, India on “Insights of Emerging Nanoscale Research Devices” on December 11, 2017 at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology Rohini, New Delhi which was supported by IEEE Electron Devices Society.

The Seminar commenced with the welcome address by Director, MAIT, Prof. Neelam Sharma. She welcomed the distinguished speakers  Prof. R. P. Jindal, Prof. Bin Yu and Prof. Vijay K. Arora, the organizing committee Prof R.S. Gupta, Chairman, IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter, Dr. Subhasis Haldar, Vice Chairman IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter, Dr. Sneha Kabra, Secretary, IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter, Dr. Manoj Saxena, EDS SRC Vice Chair-Region 10, Prof. Mridula Gupta, Former Chairperson, IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter, distinguished guests and faculty members. Prof. R S Gupta, Chairman, IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter addressed the audience on the occasion and briefed about the speakers and the sponsors of the event. He explained the importance of keeping abreast with the latest technologies and trends in electronics to be competitive. Prof. Mridula Gupta, Former Chairperson, IEEE-EDS Delhi Chapter delivered the vote of thanks.

The schedule of the seminar was as follows:

Session I:

Name of the Speaker: Prof. R. P. Jindal

Topic: Noise Performance challenges for MOS devices at nanoscale channel lengths

Prof. R. P. Jindal, Fellow, IEEE, Vanderziel Institute of Science and Technology, LLC, Princeton, NJ, USA discussed refinements in the device structure that have led to improvement in the noise performance by suppressing the effects of extrinsic noise mechanisms in MOS devices.

Session II:

Name of the Speaker: Prof. Bin Yu

Topic: 2D Carbon/Semiconductor: Materials, Devices, and Interconnects

Prof. Bin Yu, IEEE Fellow & IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer, State University of New York discussed graphene (two-dimensional carbon sheet) and its derivative material systems that have received significant amount of research interests from both academia and industry

Session III:

Name of the Speaker: Prof. Vijay K. Arora

Topic: Ohm to Arora: A New Paradigm for Nanoscale Devices and Circuits

Prof. Vijay Arora from Wilkes University, USA, discussed the paradigm shift from Ohm’s Law. The experimental nonlinear I-V characteristics, when voltage across the length of a resistor is higher than its critical value, defy ohmic and ballistic transmission through a nano-resistor. Arora’s Law embraces well the Ohm’s Law when applied voltage is smaller than the critical voltage. He discussed the ongoing research in this area.

The seminar was informative to all and introduced the latest technologies and trends in the Industry at a global level.